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  • Castelli Diluvio C Shoe Cover 16 - Black
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Castelli Diluvio C Shoe Cover 16 - Black

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Product Details

Model Number 4517525 010
Season Autumn 2019, Winter 2019
Gender Womens, Mens
Age Adult
Brands Castelli
Colour Black/Red
Manufacturer Colour Black
Shoe Type Overshoes


The Castelli Diluvio C Shoe Cover are constructed from high quality 3mm thick neoprene to offer great insulation whatever the weather is doing.
The C stands for colour so now you can match or clash your neoprene shoe covers with the rest of your kit.
Using neoprene for insulation is a real love hate relationship and is always going to be a bit of a compromise. We recommend neoprene for cold damp conditions where you know your going to get a bit damp but its not worth donning the full Tempesta space man outfit.

Neoprene is great in that it retains its insulation when wet and is totally windproof. It can also be a bit sweaty this is why we use it it wet conditions. You know your never going to keep 100% of the rain out so just concentrate on staying warm.

Neoprene requires its own care never wash in the washing machine. Always rinse with clean water after every ride air dry. Store dry out of direct sunlight for years of service.



  • 3 mm high-stretch neoprene fabric
  • Bonded seams
  • Waterproof zipper with soft garage top
  • Reflective detailing on back of heel
  • Warm and comfortable in the rain
  • Fabric 90% Neoprene 10% Other
  • Sizes S-M / L-XL / 2XL
  • Weight 146 g (Pair)
  • Comfort range 0-12 c

Please Note these Diluvio shoe covers are not impenetrable so expect some water ingress in prolonged heavy rain, they are also not the most breathable cover we do, so one way or another your feet may get damp but they will keep your toes warm and thats the important thing.

We recommend rinsing neoprene with clean water after every ride, avoid direct heat sources and store dry in a cool dry dark place. These are our road race version please check out the All-Road model for commuting and more leisurely riding.


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