TCA (Thorogood Competitive Apparel)
TCA - Thorogood Competitive Apparel

TCA (Thorogood Competitive Apparel) was born in East London in 2012. Determination, competitive spirit, and a will to win have driven TCA from the start.

TCA believes that sport, health and fitness are about hard work, enjoyment, and personal growth for everyone. Whether that means medals and awards, or pushing yourself to your true physical and mental limits. Sport is about doing more, talking less - and it’s for everyone.

TCA creates competitive apparel that performs, built using the best fabrics and technologies.

We are extremely pleased to bring you their exquisite range of running and compression clothing containing everything from men’s and women’s hoodies, tops and t-shirts to shorts and tights. We also have a wide range of womens sports bras and crop tops.


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