Inov-8 want to take running right back to the roots. The company supports the idea that running is based on the strength of the runner, their legs and their feet, rather than the support or cushioning that is offered by the Inov-8 running shoes, thus have taken their products right back to a minimal but functional design that offers lightweight protection without resisting the natural movement of the feet.


The lightweight and thin materials keep the runners as close to the ground as possible, which means that you really feel the terrain underneath you and you can adapt your running style and movement to suit that, which can drastically improve how you run.


The latest update to the Inov-8 ROCLITE family, the Inov-8 ROCLITE 315 is ultimate shoe for those seeking increased comfort and protection when running over multiple terrains. Super-durable upper materials and technologies, including an X-PROTEC upper, provide premium protection, fit and feel, while the outsole’s versatile grip delivers supreme confidence.


Inov8 are an off road runners best friend. Classic fell running shoes such as the X-Talon 212 and Mudclaw 300 with their unique outsole design enables the wearer to have confidence in any off road running condition, with unrivalled grip that epitomises the Inov8 brand.


Inov-8 also supply a range of other running equipment such as running tights, running jackets, tops, backpacks, bottles and various other miscellaneous accessories that you may find useful to your workout. As you would expect these are all available in a selection of styles with designs catered specifically for male or female bodies to ensure that you get the perfect fit for your experience.


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