Berghaus is renowned as pioneers of innovative technologies, offering mens, womens and childrens outdoor clothing and equipment. In 1977, Berghaus was the first company in Europe to start to use a new Waterproof and breathable fabric Gore-Tex in its products.


If you are in need a sturdy pair of walking boots you need look no further than the Berghaus Hillmaster’s or Supalite boots. They have a Gore-Tex lining to keep the water out while letting the moisture escape, an anti-clogging outsole, and a shock-absorbing midsole that ensures your comfort for where ever your adventures take you.


Berghaus backpacks are strong and durable. From a small capacity backpack for day hikes such as the Berghaus Remote, which features a ridge moulded with mesh to keep you cool on the move, and an internal packet for a hydration bladder and hose so that you are always hydrated. If you prefer a larger capacity backpack for longer hikes and camping trips, then the Ridgeway backpack may be for you with a multitude of pockets to keep essentials organised and always at hand.


Keep warm and dry with our extensive range of Berghaus jackets, including the Berghaus Fellmaster 3 in 1 jacket that uses Gore-tex to keep you dry by fending off every type of rain. The 3 in 1 jacket gives you three different ways to wear it, from the cosy fleece or waterproof jacket, or together for a warm weatherproof jacket. .


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