Womens Fitness

We have a wide range of products specially designed for ladies participating in sports, exercise and physical activities.

Womens Fitness

Our Womens section is divided into clothing and footwear, as well as allowing you to go straight to your favourite brands products. You can even help find the perfect set of items by choosing the sport you are looking for such as cycling, hockey, swimming and tennis. You also have the option to search by size to make it simple to see the products that are ideal for you. This system enables you to quickly find what you need without searching through hundreds of irrelevant products, making shopping at Start Fitness much easier.

Our Womens clothing options offer a wide selection of products which are grouped into item types so you can easily get straight to what you’re after for your next exercise session. Fitness tops available include hoodies, long sleeve tops, short sleeve tops, and vest tops. These are supplied by some of the top name brands such as Asics and Adidas, ensuring you always receive a quality product.

If you’re after trousers or pants, there also various options including shorts, long and short tights, three-quarter tights as well as workout and track pants to ensure you find the perfect pair for you. Available in a wide range of sizes and colour ways, there are also more form-fitting or looser options to suit every type of activity and sport.

To ensure you are covered and comfortable at all times during your workout, we have fitness underwear as well as specialist sports bras to cater for every woman’s needs during exercise. Get the support you need from high quality products available in various styles and shapes.

Our compression items are in a separate category to ensure they are always easy to find. We have products such as compression tights and tops in a multitude of sizes.

If you want to stand out from the crowd during your workout or simply inject your personal style into your exercise clothing, check out our Get Graphic section which has all of the best patterned, bold and colourful fitness items including sports bras, shorts, tights and shoes.

Our extensive Footwear section has various shoe options to suit a wide range of activities, sports and exercise routines on all terrains and environments. Our footwear products include:

· Adventure · Cross Country Spikes · Field Spikes · Gym/Training · Lightweight & Racers · Natural / Barefoot Running · Neutral & Cushioning · Nike Free · Off-road & Trail · Structured & Support · Track Spikes

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