We have a wide range of products specially designed for those participating in sports, exercise and physical activities.


The Spikes category is specially to cater for our range of spiked shoes suitable for a wide variety of athletic activities. This professional level of equipment and footwear has been separated into both Running and Field Events sections to ensure you can easily find the correct product for your needs. We supply a variety of spiked shoes suitable for men, women and juniors as well as having various unisex products to cater for all participants.

The Running category for our spiked shoes section includes various subcategories to ensure that each specialist activity is matched with the relevant products. It is vital to have the correct type of equipment and clothing for these activities as the wrong item can hamper performance and prevent you from achieving your personal best. Simply choose the correct category for your needs to browse the specialised items and footwear for your activity. These split groups include:

- Cross Country - Long Distance - Middle Distance - Sprint

Again, the Field Events category of footwear products has several sub sections to help you easily find the perfect product for participating in this type of event or activity. This sports category includes:

- High Jump - Hurdle - Javelin - Long Jump - Pole Vault - Throwing - Triple Jump

If you prefer to browse the whole range of products, can you opt to view the items sorted by shoe size. This makes it much easier for you to compare products whilst only viewing the items that are a perfect match for you. In doing this, you can make your Start Fitness shopping experience much quicker and simpler to find the relevant products for your needs. We stock a wide range of sizes in the Spikes category. This includes smaller sizes such as a UK 2 all the way up to a UK 14.5. With many unisex shoe styles, it is easy to find a suitable product in your size.

We also have accessories in the Spikes category that are complementary to your spiked footwear. These include spike wrenches to help with the application and removal of track spikes and cleats. These are compatible with all sizes of spikes used in specialist footwear, ensuring you only need one tool for all types. We also stock additional spikes should you need to replace any that are damaged or missing in your footwear after participating in a session or event.

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