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Field Event Spikes
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Designed for those participating in jumping and throwing events, specialised field event spikes allow you to jump higher and throw further.

Lightweight, low to the ground and built for speed on the runway. Triple Jump spikes offer a strap for lockdown support for all three jump phases.

For those who want to give shot put, discus and hammer a go. Instead of using pins, throwing shoes have a flat sole to allow for a smooth rotational. Built with sticky rubber to withstand the power and speed throwers need.

Lightweight, low to the ground and built for speed on the runway. Pole Vault spikes offer a strap for lockdown support when jumping off the ground.

Designed for jumpers looking for maximum flexion and support through the run-up phase to the take-off. Low to the ground for top speed and a high level of grip allow a more aggressive approach in to the pit.

Like high jump spikes, javelin spikes also have an extra 4 spike pins on the back of the shoes to ensure a lock down traction before throwing. They also tend to include a scuff-resistant toe cap made for dragging.

Built for speed through the vertical jump. The extra 4 spike pins on the back of the shoe ensure there is enough traction to get a solid take off whilst planting, and power in the jump.

For those seeking PBs and championship medals on the track, running spikes are a must for runners looking to get the best out of themselves.

A much more solid spike than the others, designed for those competing in 60m-400m. The spike plate is rigid to force the athlete on to their toes to ensure maximum speed, power and traction.

The ‘half way spike’ between the sprint and the long-distance spike. The spike plate is slightly firmer than a long-distance spike and curved slightly towards the fore-foot to encourage running on the toes over 800m to 1500m.

Best suited for events from 3000m to 10,000m. They offer the runner heel to mid-foot cushioning with a flexible fore-foot. This allows the runner to maintain constant foot strike throughout the race, with the ability to pick up the pace at the end.

Cross Country Designed for those who want to tackle the mud. They offer more of an aggressive sole for better grip but also flexibility to secure the foot strike on rough terrain. They also have a more durable and protective upper in case of wet/muddy conditions.

These are the ‘go to’ spike for those just getting started in the sport. They will give you enough cushioning for distance events but also get you on your toes to run fast. Longer spike pins can also be added to use them over cross country.

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