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Staff Race Results

The last couple of weeks have yielded some encouraging results for the Start Fitness cycling staff! On the road, Dan Meggison (GS Metro) put in two very strong rides. His first time trial of the season was the Blaydon CC two-up TT (18mi). On wet roads, Dan and partner Ali Bailey put down a solid 40:13 to take third overall on the day. Dan Meggison & Ali Bailey at Ponteland The following weekend saw the North Tyneside Riders CC 10 mile TT at Cramlington. Dan put in a smashing ride on his SCOTT Plasma, he took over a minute off his personal best and laid down an impressive 20:02 which was good enough for second overall on the day – cracking result Dan! Dan Meggison at Cramlington Next up was Patrick Deane (Tyneside Vagabonds CC) who used the North Tyneside Riders CC 10 mile TT at Cramlington as preparation ride to build a strong season. Paddy posted a respectable 24:09, placing him 36th in the vets category. Patrick Deane aboard his SCOTT Plasma Pa [...]

Six Winter Tips for Cycling

Here it is, early stages the winter of 2016 are homing in meaning, shorter days, colder mornings/evenings and trickier conditions on the roads as well as the paths. Cycling in the winter has its pros and cons, no matter how experienced you are. For those who are just entering their first winter of commuting to work or getting in that morning/ride or the few who are looking for inspiration, we have come up with SIX tips to make sure that you’re safe when on two wheels! Of course, if you think we’ve missed any, let us know in the comment section below! 6. Service the bike If you haven’t done so already, get your bike serviced. Now is the perfect time to get any creases ironed out and a professional pair of eyes to repair or upgrade parts on your bike. Simply search for your local bike store near you, book it in and you’re sorted. Depending on what kind of service is within your budget, try to get the top end or closest to, to feel assured that your bike will see out t [...]

Start Fitness Team

Start Fitness Team Race Report – Ae Forest TT Northern Downhill

This past weekend saw Northern Downhill host their Start Fitness supported winter TT at Ae Forest. Conditions were bitterly cold all day with short snow showers and some welcomed sunny spells! With limited parking availability at Ae, NDH restricts the number of entries and each year this event sells out! The TT format is very similar to the way that a downhill race is run, but the courses are usually less steep and technical which opens the event up to a wider selection of riders. Top riders enjoy the high speed nature of these tracks and novices enjoy the less challenging nature of a TT – it’s a win for everyone! We had three of our staff representing Start Fitness on the day and all three had really good results! Firstly, in the senior category, we had Christopher Philogene aboard our Yeti SB6. Chris struggled all day, he punctured three times during his various practice runs and had a small crash in his first race run. It wasn’t looking very good, but Chris put it altoge [...]

Velo Trainer In Use

BLOG: Strava-ing for Data!

When training, whether it’s on the roads, track, trails or even on the turbo, statistics are high on the list during and post-cycle. Simple basics like, average heart rate, climb and length of the ride tend to come into the equation but sometimes, cadence, power output (watts), intensity and kilometres/mile splits, also feature, depending on what level your cycling is. This leans slightly towards those who prefer to use roads/turbos than it would do for MTB, purely because, the use of intensity and heart rate, would not really benefit someone going from top to bottom in the fastest time possible, unless there was a way to shave off seconds on a section of the course by slowing your heart rate! It’s not just the ability to share the information online, let’s face it, we like to brag if we’ve completed a race or reached a landmark of some significance (come all, we’ve all done it!) but it’s the capability to take note from the data collected and apply it to future se [...]

BLOG: Feeling Turbo Charged?

When colder and miserable days arrive, going on out on your bike is one of the last things you want to do – almost. There’ll be some of you reading this, which are thinking; “Cold? What cold?!” as you brave the elements to clock in your ride. However, the rest of you will want to try avoid getting soaked or feel the nip of the fresh morning or evening air, so, you take to the turbo. What is a Turbo Trainer, we hear you ask? Well, in a nut shell, they are a static device that allows you to bank your cycling miles/km in stationary position, within the confinements of your very own home. If you watched the Olympics or been to a cycling event, you would have seen athletes warming up on these either before they are due to compete and in between rounds of the competition. Some look different to others, which is true and price does dictate what you want from the trainer. It should be mentioned that not everyone prefers using them, however. Like some runners and treadmi [...]