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  • SiS Rego Protein (55g) Bar
  • SiS Rego Protein (55g) Bar
  • SiS Rego Protein (55g) Bar Chocolate & Peanut
  • SiS Rego Protein (55g) Bar Mint Chocolate

SiS Rego Protein (55g) Bar

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Product Details

Model Number SiS Rego Protein (55g) Bar
Brands SiS
Nutrition Type Bar
Season Spring 2015


The Build Bar is a tasty, convenient and different way to consume 20g of protein.

Previously named "Build Bar" this is exactly the same product
Chocolate and peanut flavour
contains the antioxidants green tea extract and L-Carnitine
Helps maximise training gains, prevents the break down of muscle when you’re running short of protein
Aids recovery from exercise

Easy to store in car, kit bag or at office so it can be consumed immediately after exercise or as a high protein snack at any time during the day without the need of mixing a protein or recovery drink.

As it is not possible to build muscle without a protein pool, the Build Bar is a convenient and tasty way to maintain this pool. If not eaten immediately, it also has a good shelf life and will wait for another day. Something a cup of yoghurt or peanut butter sandwich probably won't.

As protein is also an important part of recovery, the same applies here.

Protein can also be used as an appetite controller. As the Build bar has some additional calories from fat and carbohydrate the Build drink might be more appropriate though. Compared to nuts and other foods however a Build Bar offers a significant amount of protein relative to its fat and carbohydrate content.


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