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  • SiS Mini GO Energy Bar (40g)
  • SiS Mini GO Energy Bar (40g)

SiS Mini GO Energy Bar (40g)

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Product Details

Model Number MiniGO
Brands SiS
Nutrition Type Bar


Delicious energy bars packed with 26g of Carbs and 4.5g of protein. Low in fat and suitable for vegetarians.

GO-Bars were created out of the desire to provide a healthy, nutritious and delicious snack that's ideal for athletes and people with active lifestyles. All the existing energy bars seemed to be made from over-processed gloop, with added synthetic vitamins in the hope of making them healthy again.
Science in Sport searched out nature's richest sources of the relevant nutrients that we could combine to create a great tasting, naturally nutritious snack.

    Equivalent of about two whole portions of fruit from your 5 a day
    Real fruit and fruit juices combined with cereals and soya nuggets to create a chewy textured bar
    Organic Oats
    Natural Fruit Juice
    Soya Protein
    Soya lecithin
    Calcium Lactate



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