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  • Scholl Orthaheel Sports Orthotics - Blue

Scholl Orthaheel Sports Orthotics - Blue

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Model Number 4981/21SP
Brands Scholl


Orthaheel is an innovative biomechanical solution made from the highest grade materials and technology available to help realign the lower limbs through to the hips, to restore the feet and body back to a neutral position just as nature intended. As the foot flattens out on the ground, the supporting tissues that run along the bottom of the foot (the plantar fascia) are stretched. If these forces are excessive they can lead to stress and inflammation of the tissues, causing pain under the feel when weight is place on the foot. Pain in the back of the heel can be caused by inflammation of the tissue that connects the calf muscle to the heel bone (Achilles tendon). The pain can result from the position and movement of the foot causing the tendon to be stretched. It can also be caused by injury.


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