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  • Orca Compression Calf Guards - White
  • Orca Compression Calf Guards - White
  • Orca Compression Calf Guards - White
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Orca Compression Calf Guards - White

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Product Details

Model Number BVK1 00
Brands Orca
Colour White
Manufacturer Colour White / Black
Gender Womens, Mens
Season Autumn 2019, Winter 2019


If you want to reduce lactic acid while also delaying muscle fatigue. Your best bet to recover faster so you can go further for longer.

The Calf Guard boosts your venous return, reducing the accumulation of toxins while increasing oxygenation to the muscles, allowing you to recover faster.
The reduction in lactic acid build-up coupled with it’s shock absorption properties protects you from muscular fatigue and damage.
High-quality European yarn provides rigidity and support for injury prevention.


  • ULTRA LIGHT - For optimum comfort, the microfibre is seamless, lightweight (0,9 grams/cm3) and very soft. During exercise, it will feel like you are wearing nothing. You will be lighter and faster!
  • ANTI-FATIGUE - The shock and vibration absorption from muscles, veins and joints increases resistance to fatigue.
  • THERMO REGULATION - Special knitting protects you from the cold and wind-chill whilst still providing maximum breathability for your skin. The activation of microcirculation assists and supports the skin’s thermo-regulating mechanism, allowing you to save energy.
  • SHOCK ABSORBER - The 360° compression lessens the “shock wave” effect on veins and joints.
  • RECOVERY - Accelerates venous return and prevents blood from collecting in muscles - making your legs feel ultra light.
  • RUNNING - Perfect for track, road or trail running. It is also the ideal heat regulator between seasons.


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