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  • Neo G VCS Lace Ankle Support - Black
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Neo G VCS Lace Ankle Support - Black

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Model Number 854
Brands Neo G


Neo G VCS Lace Ankle Support

Featuring the Exclusive Neo G Vcs ( Variable compression system) Registered with the MHRA, which allows the wearer to tighten OR loosen the compression of the support for MAXIMUM Fit, comfort and blood flow safety while you are actually wearing it for: Training, Competing, Recovering, At work or home, At Hospital.
The Neo G Vcs lace ankle support is designed to help prevent ankle injuries while preserving flexibility. Made from non-stretch cotton which moulds around ankle. Features flexible spiral springs which act like tendons to help reinforce the ankle. Easy to apply without assistance.
Features a figure of 8 elastic strap for ultimate compression. Helps prevent atrophic conditions in the area of the shank caused by lingering immobilisation due to early resumption of physical exercise or sporting activities. Open heel area avoids irritation to the Achilles' tendon. Avoids muscular atrophy due to immobilization.
Always consult a physician
Wrap around affected area and only tighten until comfortable; Do not restrict blood-flow
Never wear overnight or while asleep
This product is CE approved & MHRA (Medicines & Healthcare products Regulatory Agency) UK registered


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