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  • Maurten Drink Mix 160 Sachet
  • Maurten Drink Mix 160 Sachet

Maurten Drink Mix 160 Sachet

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Model Number DM160-Sachet
Brands Maurten
Nutrition Type Drinks


Maurten Drink Mix

The world’s most carbohydrate-rich sports drink
Running wisdom suggests that if you’re on the move for longer than an hour, your performance could be improved with a sports drink or gel.
The challenge for manufacturers of energy products has been to deliver more carbohydrate in a way your body can tolerate it. Maurten have succeeded - using hydrogel technology. The drink transforms into a hydrogel in the stomach, which enables smooth movement of the drink to the intestine, where it’s absorbed without causing any upset.

Although relatively new to the Sports nutrition market, Maurten helped to fuel winners at all of the six marathon majors in 2018,

  • 40g carbohydrates, 160 calories
  • No added flavours
  • No added colours or preservatives, only natural ingredients


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