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  • Hyperice Vyper Vibrating Roller - Pink
  • Hyperice Vyper Vibrating Roller - Pink

Hyperice Vyper Vibrating Roller - Pink

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Product Details

Model Number HI-VYPER-PNK
Brands Hyperice
Colour Pink
Manufacturer Colour Pink
Season Autumn 2019, Winter 2019


Hyperice Vyper Vibrating Foam Roller Keeping the body's soft tissue loose is essential for maintaining flexibility and range of motion. While foam rollers can help the body stay loose, adding vibration with the intensity and frequency of The Vyper takes the whole experience to another level. The Vyper has been used by the world's best athletes to warm up and recover from training and competition. It can be used by anyone who wants to move better. What Makes The Vyper Different To A Normal Foam Roller? Unlike a traditional foam roller, the Vyper features a German engineered outer shell which effectively transfers maximum vibration to the body.


  • High Intensity - Engineered to deliver high intensity and high frequency vibration into the body.
  • 3 Speed Setting - All digital circuitry controls 3 speed settings.
  • Eco-Friendly - Eco-friendly, German-made outer shell transfers maximum vibration.
  • Rechargeable Batteries - Rechargeable lithium on batteries give over 2 hours of use per charge.
  • Charger - Vyper AC charger included.


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