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  • Hyperice Fuel Cell
  • Hyperice Fuel Cell

Hyperice Fuel Cell

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Product Details

Model Number HI-FUEL
Brands Hyperice
Colour Clear
Manufacturer Colour Clear
Season Spring 2019, Summer 2019


Hyperice Fuel™: a reusable, non-toxic, synthetic ice alternative designed to provide superior performance when used in conjunction with Hyperice Ice Compression devices.

Hyperice Fuel™ differs from traditional gel products in the proprietary shape of the crystals, which mimic real ice nuggets. The synthetic ice nuggets conform to the body, when used with Hyperice Ice Compression Devices, create a pliable ice cast, which provides superior coverage for effective treatment.

The beauty of Hyperice's injury support wraps is their ability to match your body's contours. With the Hyperice Fuel - The wrap's fit will be even more molded to you. Simply freeze your Hyperice Fuel container, screw it into an empty Hyperice ice cell and attach your wrap to your inflamed area. When you're done, transfer the fuel back into its container and freeze for future use. Biodegradable and non-toxic, this gel is formed into ice nuggets that help you create a pliable ice cast to help you heal faster than ever.

Hyperice Fuel may be stored at room temperature for shorter periods of time. For longer periods of time store in the freezer. Keep out of direct sunlight and exposure to heat and open air. Heat, sunlight and exposure to air will drastically impact its effectiveness. Hyperice Fuel should not be stored long term or frozen in anything other than the Hyperice fuel cell.


  • Ice Nuggets - Gel-like crystals that conform to shape of your body.
  • Reuseable - Fuel cell maintains optimal freezer temperatures through a full icing cycle
  • Useage - Simply connect the Fuel Cell to the Ice Cell and it will start to accept the synthetic ice.
  • Ice Alternative - Designed to provide an alternative when natural ice is not readily available.
  • Compatible - Can be used with any of the Hyperice compression wraps (sold separately).


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