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  • High 5 Aqua Gel + Caffeine
  • High 5 Aqua Gel + Caffeine

High 5 Aqua Gel + Caffeine

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Product Details

Model Number AquaGel-Caffeine
Brands High 5
Nutrition Type Gel


Previously known as IsoGel Plus, High5 Energy Gel Aqua Caffeine is a great tasting sports fuel for a burst of instant caffeinated energy. It has a lighter drink-like consistency for easy consumption and absorption.

Building on the success of IsoGel Plus, HIGH5 have tweaked the name and freshened the packaging but retained the performance you love. Great before or after exercise to boost energy and with the Isotonic formula they'll be quick to act. The isotonic formula allows for quick absorption without dehydration, and with it's drink like consistency it's like a nice sports drink shot just when you need it.

The added caffeine is there to sharpen your focus when you need it most. The refreshing tastes, carbohydrate kick and caffeine boost are the perfect antidote to fatigue, just what you need to maximise your performance. The classic sachet with a rip-off top makes it ideal on the move so you'll always be fuelled right.


  • Great before or during exercise
  • Gels give an instant energy boost
  • They are gentle on the stomach
  • Gluten free and contains Electrolytes
  • Carbohydrates for instant energy
  • Great tasting fruit flavours
  • Isotonic formula for quick absorption without dehydration
  • Light drink-like consistency
  • Rip-off top sachet for convenient consumption
  • Contains caffeine (30mg/Sachet)


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