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  • Garmin Triathlon Heart Rate Monitor Tri
  • Garmin Triathlon Heart Rate Monitor Tri

Garmin Triathlon Heart Rate Monitor Tri Chest Strap

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Product Details

Model Number 010-10997-09
Brands Garmin
Season Autumn 2015, Winter 2015


Enhance your triathlon experience by pairing HRM-Tri with your Forerunner® 920XT1. The HRM-Tri stores heart rate data when underwater, then forwards it to the 920XT. Our smallest and lightest module fits within the width of the strap. Its soft, rounded edges and covered seams make the strap super-comfortable out of the water, too.

HRM-Tri also has an accelerometer in the module that measures torso movement to calculate 3 running metrics:2

    Cadence — the number of steps per minute. It displays the total steps (right and left combined).
    Vertical oscillation — the bounce in your running motion. It displays the vertical motion of your torso (measured in centimeters). HRM-Tri is compatible with several other fitness products but will only display heart rate when paired.
    Ground contact time — the amount of time in each step that your foot spends on the ground while running (measured in milliseconds).

Heart Rate Data in all Three Disciplines

  •     Specifically designed for triathletes
  •     Our smallest and lightest heart rate monitor (HRM)
  •     Comfortable, easily adjustable strap
  •     Stores and forwards heart rate data to Forerunner® 920XT1


  •     Unit dimensions (LxWxD): 60.0 - 142.0 x 3.0 x 1.2 cm
  •     Weight: 2.1 oz (59 g)
  •     Module size: 29.4 x 51.4 x 8.5 mm
  •     Module weight: 49 g
  •     Size adjustment: Bi-fold
  •     Sizing range: (60.0 - 142.0 cm
  •     Battery: CR2032
  •     Battery life: 10 months (Tri training 1 hour per day)
  •     Water rating: 5 ATM


  •     ANT+® heart rate: yes
  •     Supports heart rate variability and advanced heart rate features: yes
  •     2.4 GHz ANT wireless communication protocol: yes
  •     Running dynamics: yes
  •     Stores and forwards heart rate: yes
  •     Swim interval heart rate statistics: yes
  •     Non-slip design for pool swimming: no
  •     Pool chemical resistent: no


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