For more than 100 years Mizuno has developed innovative new products that work in complete harmony with your body, in order to help you to be the best possible athlete that you can be. Mizuno running shoes are certainly among their more popular and innovative products, with a selection of different options to help ensure that you get the best possible option to suit your particular needs, giving you the ideal comfort whatever your activity of choice may be.


Many of the Mizuno athletic shoes make use of their Wave Plate, which is an innovative design that creates a more controlled and comfortable experience by evenly distributing weight to cushion the foot and improve stability.


However the real innovative thing about Mizuno is that they have developed three unique wave shapes designed for different styles of running, in order to ensure that your needs are met. The three types of Wave are found in the form of the ‘Wave Rider’, ‘Wave Inspire’ and ‘Wave Creation’, all providing varied levels of impact cushioning, support to those who need it and optimal heel-to-toe transition.


The Sky’s the limit with the all new Mizuno Wave Sky as it raises the bar in premium neutral cushioned running. Incorporating CloudWave technology and SmoothRide engineering, this shoe delivers the ultimate in a plush cushioned luxurious running experience.


Mizuno also offer a selection of sports support wear such as socks and tops, that are not only carefully designed to provide comfortable and effective sportswear, but also offer an attractive choice that is certain to appear to a range of customers.


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