Published on July 19th, 2018 | by Start Fitness


Iain’s Top Tips – Trail Running

Our resident runner, Iain Twaddle, has put together some of his top tips on trail running.

When you start trail running, don’t rush ahead. Experience on the road is different, so take your time to get used to new surfaces and slopes and build up your experience and stamina. Don’t be disheartened to find runs can take much longer than on the road, especially at first. It’s tough!

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The right shoes won’t only keep you comfy, they reduce the risk of accidents and injury too. The low profile trail running style prevents your ankle rolling over, and there’s deep tread for traction through muddy terrain. Care for your shoes post-run by washing off the mud, taking out the insoles and stuffing with newspaper to dry them out.

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Incredible views can be one of the attractions of trail running. But if you want to take in the scenery, stop. While running you want to focus on the ground a few feet ahead of you, picking out your running line, or you risk stumbles and trips.

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If you’re running alone, be sure to let someone know the route you’re taking and an idea of when you’ll be back. Take your mobile (you might want it on silent) and if you’re running later in the day pack a headlamp in case you’re still out as darkness falls. Make sure you’ve plenty of fluids with you to stay hydrated too, whether you choose a bladder pack or a handheld bottle.

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Hill training on roads and paths, or even putting the treadmill on incline, can help you stretch the muscles you’ll be working on the trail. Working on strength and balance exercises will help you strengthen your ankles and give you greater stability too.

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Trail runners give way to horse riders, hikers and mountain bikers. Downhill runners get priority over uphill too. But the most important rule of the trail is to run without leaving a trace – take any litter home with you.

Once you’ve got the kit, the route and the grit, take on your first trail. Do it right and it’ll be the first of many as you fall in love with both the challenges and highpoints of taking on the trail. 

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