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  • Speedo Elite Pullbuoy

Speedo Elite Pullbuoy

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Product Details

Model Number 8-017910004
Colour Red
Brands Speedo
Manufacturer Colour Red
Gender Womens, Mens
Age Adult


The Elite Pullbuoy develops your upper body strength and allows you to focus on your arm technique.

How it works:

  • The Elite Pullbuoy can be used with any stroke to isolate the muscles in your upper body, forcing them to do the work of propulsion, which increases arm and shoulder strength.
  • Increasing your buoyancy in the water keeps your body in a better position even as you get tired, making it easier to swim for longer and further.
  • Buoyancy causes a shift in body position, lifting your lower body higher in the water. This reduces drag which increases speed and efficiency.
  • The Elite Pullbuoy allows you to focus on specific areas such as stroke technique and breathing, making it ideal for learning new drills and technique work.


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