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  • Compressport Race And Recovery Full Socks - Black
  • Compressport Race And Recovery Full Socks - Black

Compressport Race And Recovery Full Socks - Black

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Product Details

Model Number CS-6758
Brands Compressport
Colour Black
Manufacturer Colour Black
Gender Womens, Mens
Season Spring 2019, Summer 2019


Worn before, during or after a workout, the Full Socks Race & Recovery from Compressport are highly comfortable and provide all the benefits of compression wear.

Powering every step, the Compressport Full Socks Race & Recovery give power and protection when worn during exercise and work to reduce the risk of injury. Post-work you can expect accelerated recovery times to ensure you get back in the game. The compression fit limits muscular vibrations and also reduces muscle breakage while preventing cramps, aches and fatigue. Supporting venous return, muscle oxygenation is facilitated and toxins are eliminated more easily so you recover quicker.

These socks do not compress the toes and let them occupy all the space they need and ventilation bands keep your feet aerated so you stay cool, comfortable and performing for longer.


  • 3D.DOTS provide multidirectional grip, prevent shocks.
  • Arch stim support supports venous return and recovery.
  • Seamless construction.
  • Massaging fibre is activated by every movement.
  • Tear-proof construction.
  • Venous return accelerates recovery and keeps muscles feeling light and strong.
  • Sweat-wicking & water-resistant fibre.
  • Ergo Fit toe piece.
  • Achilles tendon protection.


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