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  • Sorbothane Shock Stopper Heel Pads

Sorbothane Shock Stopper Heel Pads

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Model Number 021875
Brands Sorbothane


New Sorbothane Lightweight Heels

  • Designed for everyday life and everyday activities
  • Suitable for all types of lifestyles, activity, and
    impact intensity

Sorbothane Lightweight Heel Pads: Function

  • Pure shock absorbing Sorbothane® compound for
    the heel
  • Anti-bacterial, anti odour topsheet
  • Super lightweight solution

Sorbothane Lightweight Heel Pads: Fit

  • Suitable for all types of footwear
  • Place on top of existing insole

Sorbothane heel pads are ideal for light sport and everyday use in any type of footwear.

Sorbothane Lightweight Heel Pads heel pads provide pure shock absorption at the heel, where most impact occurs. They are easy to fit into all kinds of shoes, and provide firm support and comfort as an ideal solution to the everyday need for heel protection.
Sorbothane heel pads can also be used for the treatment of Achilles Tendonitis and other foot conditions, as well as preventing shin splints.

Sorbothane®’s total control top sheet contains advanced, antibacterial Nano Silver technology to kill bacteria on contact, wicking moisture away from skin and managing odour for optimal hygiene and comfort.

Use in conjunction with your original insole and experience the whole body benefits of the SorbothaneR solution.


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